Conditional Logic on Submit Button [RESOLVED]

I have conditional logic set for the submit button to be HIDDEN unless a radio is checked.
All of the documentation specifically says “Hide”. But my button still SHOWS, but it is ENABLED.

Is this the regular practice for GF? I need the button to “actually be hidden” as not visually on the page, like the documentation says. What am I missing?

Just wanted to return and leave here what worked for me for this issue.

Let me first say that I am using Elementor, and I’m not sure if somehow Elementor’s code is affecting why the form Submit button doesn’t actually “Hide” when set to do so based on a met condition… but my submit button would NOT hide.

What did work for me (should someone else run into a similar issue), you could try this:
From the gravity forms documentation: gform_submit_button - Gravity Forms Documentation

I used the filter:

This filter is executed when the form is displayed and can be used to completely change the form button tag (i.e. ).

Now the submit button is an old fashioned Submit Button and hides and shows respective of the condition(s) set for it. I believe this may be an Elementor issue.

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