Conditional Fields Greyed Out/Unusable but Still Visible [RESOLVED]

I have a client who would like their conditional fields (including the Submit button) to still be visible, but to have them greyed out and unusable until the conditions are met. I basically get how to do the greying out with javascript, but is it possible to make the fields unusable? It seems like GF basically does that by hiding them entirely.

For the Submit button I figured I could just create a dummy button that is displayed when the opposite condition is met, but does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions for the standard fields?

Hi, I got exactly opposite issue. All hidden conditional logic fields and buttons are visible but kind of faded. And I would like them to be hidden.

Anyone got a solution?

Hello @wideweb. If you are using Gravity Forms 2.5, that is likely an accessibility change. At least for the submit button. When the submit button is hidden by conditional logic, it used to be hidden, and then revealed when the condition matched. But with the accessibility changes in 2.5, the button will be disabled, and then enabled based on the conditional logic settings. Does that explain your issue? If not, I recommend opening a support ticket here:

Thanks for clarification! :slight_smile:

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