Bug in Submit button conditional logic

We have a simple calculations form. The second field displays the calculation. Submit button has cond logic to show if field two is greater than 1. However, it shows with nothing in fields. But the button has a low transparency. has fulll transparency wh en second field has a value.
Really weird bug. Hipe it gets fixed soon. Its really delaying our prolject timeline.

I recommend opening a support ticket if you need assistance with this:

Thank you.

I believe they have changed the way that this logic works in Gravity Forms 2.5+ and have not changed the actual wording of the text in the conditional logic choices for the state of the button when certain conditions are met.

I have noticed in the code now, that instead of setting an inline style of display:none to the button, they are now adding a disabled=“disabled” attribute to the button instead.

I don’t expect that the developers have plans to change this since they have likely gone the route of prioritizing accessibility over the original experience in this latest release, and their stance now seems to be that if you want to bypass their efforts of focusing on accessibility, that is the choice of the individual use-case.

That being said, there is a general way around this to use your own custom CSS to alter the visibility:

  1. target the specific submit button itself:
  • specific to a form:
    .gform_footer #gform_submit_button_NUMBER[disabled=disabled]
    (where NUMBER is the form ID)
  • for all forms:
    .gform_footer input[type=submit][disabled=disabled]
  1. then add a display property to that style: display: none

Hope this helps anyone else out there.

I notice button is like grayed out and you can submit. That works.