Sync Additional Fields to CIM Fields

I’m using the CIM to collect data but there seems to be no way to sync within the plugin the “Company” field I have created to the CIM’s “Customer ID” field. What happens is that a default number is automatically generated by the plugin (or the payment gateway), which makes things difficult to determine our records when multiple registrations are made by the same company. I did review this document, but have not been able to figure how I can create this override in functions.php so as not to have my code overridden by a plugin update.

Is there a way to create an override that will post the “Company” field on the form to’s CIM “Customer ID” field?

Thank you.

Hi Heather, which document are you referring to?

Also, if you add code to your theme functions.php, that won’t be overwritten by any plugin update. It could be overwritten by a theme update, if you are not using a child theme. To prevent that, I have been using this plugin to keep PHP (and JavaScript and CSS as well) code snippets separate from the theme:

Well apparently I lost the link. This is the document I’m referring to.

Yes, I’m using a child theme, so I’m not worried about that. It’s just generating the code to be sure that it’ll post to the CIM.

Hi Heather. Our Authorize.Net uses the AIM integration, not CIM. I’ve never heard of anyone using that filter to integrate with CIM using our Authorize.Net Add-On.

hmmm…I guess there’s a first time for anything!

Heather, as Chris pointed Gravity Forms add-on uses AIM. Therefore all the filter and hooks available are for this API. Adding CIM support to the add-on is not something you can do with the filters/hooks, it would require a rewrite of the plugin.

You can suggest adding support for CIM as as feature request here: Gravity Forms Roadmap - Gravity Forms

Doing a quick search I found the following third-party add-on: CIM Payment for Gravity Forms - Tower Plugins

I would recommend you to reach the author before buying to confirm if it could fit your needs.

Hello, Samuel.
Thank you for the heads up on where to make a recommendation.

I will also make contact with the plugin developer to see if that plugin will do what we need.
Thank you!