Allow Customer to update Credit Card/Billing Information for ARB

We have a gravity form that when filled out by a user creates an Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) subscription in At some point, that credit card or billing information becomes outdated and we want to contact the customer with a form to have them update their credit card/billing information and then have that update their payment profile in Authorize(dot)net. Currently, we have to call each user over the phone, log into directly and input it directly there ourselves as there as they read it out loud over the phone. As we grow, hunting down people over the phone is getting really difficult. What options do I have to send a customer a URL where they can update their credit card and upon submission it updates the credit/card billing information in Authorize(dot)net for that ARB/Subscription? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mikhail. There is currently no method in Authorize.Net using AIM (which is what our add-on uses) for a customer to update their card details. Here’s our article about that:

Stripe recently added a self-service portal, which will make it possible when using our Stripe add-on. The Stripe plugin itself does not support the self-service portal, but we can provide some code that will enable its use with a Gravity Forms form.

Other than those options, I’m not aware of a method to allow a user to update their credit card details using a Gravity Forms form.

Yikes, that’s really unfortunate. Have you seen any creative solutions employed by any of your Gravity Forms customers that allowed for some way to handle this? Or does everything literally cancel a subscription and start a new one?

Not for Authorize.Net, but I will leave this open in case someone has any suggestions.