add on submits form with wrong information

Hello there,

My agency got a website with gravity forms and the add on working with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin so there is no custom or hand made code from our side. They have a form where it lets people donate to charity but seems that there is a bug that was discovered by our client.

When you enter the information correctly it works perfect and process the donation without problem, but when you put your zip code wrong and try to submit the incorrect information 6 times in a row, it fails 5 times and then the 6th submits the form as if everything was correct. They get a notification of a failed transaction on the admin but the user gets a message of success.

Again there is no custom javascript validation or anything like that, just pure plugin installation and the page builder with that.

Is this something you guys could check and see if it is a bug on your end?

Hello Dugue Zion. Please open a support ticket for this issue and we can help you:

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