PCI question - Authorize.net Gravity Add On


We are in the process of becoming PCI complaint with a new company. Can you please tell me exactly what the Authorize.net Add On plugin does?

Do you process the payment at all? Can the code written read the full credit card when added to be processed. What role does this plugin play when taking payments and processing them?

I am sorry if this is a silly question, but I need to know exactly what this plugin does, so I can write it in our PCI Policy.

Thank you

Here are some PCI Questions they ask;
If you have multiple third party providers, you should maintain records showing what data is shared with which provider. Do you maintain this data?
12.8.5 YES NO

You should verify that all of your service providers are PCI compliant themselves at least once per year. Do you validate compliance of all service providers at least annually?
12.8.4 YES
I have your PCI information concerning this plugin – https://docs.gravityforms.com/is-gravity-forms-pci-compliant/

Thank you

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