PCI Compliance?

FYI, Stripe is giving this message about PCI compliance in the settings dashboard.

Screenshot -https://i.imgur.com/QxoNSyF.png

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue so that support can dig into it.


Thanks. Their people can find the thread here and take care of it, if they like.

I’m actually in the process of moving away from Gravity Forms because I never get real help from support when I need it and it really doesn’t feel like the Gravity Forms product has kept up with the times over the past few years - not much advancement or feature additions/improvements.

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Thank you for your comments.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I agree and I agree with this comment. The few times I have asked for support, I have not had enough answers.

As this topic has been posted many times though the year, I guess that you never made a search on this forum, or just tried to google the answer.

So I understand why support answers are not enough for you :wink:

So, you’re saying they already know what software isn’t PCI compliant and they’ve known for months and still not done anything to fix it.

That’s exactly my point. Thanks.

Closing as unproductive at this point. If anyone would like to report their concerns with PCI compliance in our payment add-ons, please open a new topic here or a support ticket if you have an active Gravity Forms license. Thank you.

Hi @tpflanz and the others who share the issue, we’ve contacted Stripe last week and they’ve confirmed the warning should have been removed. Can you check your Stripe account again and if the error persists, please let us know. Thanks.

To expand upon this:

Your concern was escalated to our development team shortly after the forum topic was posted. The finding was that the banner in your screenshot was due to an unverified email address on Stripe’s end. It is now verified and we have been informed by Stripe that the banner should no longer appear. The Stripe add-on is PCI compliant, and no code changes were needed for this fix.

As recommended earlier in this topic, this is always the type of issue that should be passed through the proper support process. If you are still experiencing an issue, please use the official channels.

The PCI compliance message is still there.

If it was escalated, that’s what your team should have said. That is a productive reply.

I don’t know what you mean by “an unverified email address on Stripe’s end.” Gravity Forms email? Not MY account’s email addresses. All of those are verified. Not to mention, if they shared any of MY account information with you before getting my approval, that’s a problem.

You have a support forum. Your people monitor and reply here. It is not my or your other customers’ responsibilities to debug your software and solve problems for you. I’m getting sick of software companies putting so much responsibility on their customers to help fix their faulty software.

As suggested by another user, your team knew about this issue for months, yet failed to address it until I was forced to take to Twitter to complain.

Thanks @tpflanz for letting us know the message is still there. We’ll check with Stripe again today as the email was sent to us for verification and we learned about that last week and finished that process. We’ll circle back here once we hear back from Stripe again.