Stripe PaymentIntent status: invalid

Hi there
I am using a form on and i am using the new stripe card to let users enter their card details for when making a donation.

I get an error message coming up. please can you advise on what to do


HI Lee. For any payment related issues, I always recommend opening a support ticket first:

Thank you.

Hello, I am trying to open a support ticket because we have this error on one of our payments forms but it will not let me because an outside marketing company we used has a general account and license key for all their customers and I cant login. This is a critical error on our website that we need help being fixed asap.

Hi Kaitlyn. Gravity Forms support does require a license. If you are using your marketing firm’s license, you would need to go to them for support, and they can come to us if they need assistance. If you want to come to us for support, you will need a license.

If you are not interested in a license of your own, you are welcome to post in these forums for assistance from other users. Due to the complexity of payment issues, it’s fairly difficult to troubleshoot in a forum, which is why I recommend the support ticket.

Thank you.