PaymentIntent status: is invalid


I’ve created a multi-page registration form for students to enroll in an online course. The last page of the form, the checkout page, contains stripe credit card field. When I updated and published the form on the site, and inputted a valid credit card number, (2 different ones actually) I received the error message “paymentintent status: is invalid.” Can’t seem to figure out why. Not sure if the API’s are correct or webhooks. . . any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Nick. With any payment issue, I recommend opening a support ticket rather than relying on community assistance.

Thank you.

Did you ever find out what problem was for this? It would be nice if these solutions were shared instead of making us open a support ticket for something many other people have already gone through.


I am in the same spot too. Can anyone post the solution to this?

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With payment-related issues, I always recommend opening a support ticket so that it gets the proper attention, and if there are any trends, the product team is made aware via a support ticket. Anyone is welcome to post the solution that worked in their case, but everyone’s situation is different, and the causes are not always the same.

Did you ever find a solution? I reached out to support but need to resolve this ASAP.

Was support able to resolve? I reached out to them but have an urgent issue.

Hi @nuvew. For urgent payment-related issues, a support ticket is your best best. Did you get a ticket number in an auto-response? If so, share that here and I will check into it for you. Thank you.

Me too!!! Arrgghhh!! I have 'payment instent status is invalid" also!! I have paid ads running to this page and have lost hundreds of dollars of failed payments overnight because of this!! I have suubmitted a support ticket, but this is urgent! can anyone advise? Did anyone else figure this out??

Did you get a reply yet?? Any ideas?

Just wonderign what the average support time is? We have ads running to our page and getting this same error - we are loosing so much money right now! Is there any advice on how to correct this ‘payment intent is invalid’ error please??

Hi Sarah. What is the ticket number from your auto response from Gravity Forms? I can check into the issue for you. There’s no support over the weekend, and support hours ended at 6PM Eastern on Friday, but I can still look into it for you and see what’s going on. Thank you.

Please post an update if you have a solution. I do not have one yet.

Anybody found out what caused their problem? We are having similar issues and would be happy to try solutions that worked for some of you!

For anyone having an issue with a payment add-on like Stripe, please open a support ticket: