Paymentintent- Status invalid

Hi ,

We tested stripe payment in test mode and it is working fine but when we made it live, it is showing an error saying “PaymentIntent status: is invalid.”

since it is not working, we deactivated credit card payment from the site temporarily. If you know the solution and can guide us, we can test it again

Hello @basheeeer - for any payment related issue, I recommend opening a support ticket:

Thank you.

I thought that was what I did …

No these are community forums, not for support. Please submit a ticket here:

Thank you

Did you ever figured out what created the issue? We are running into similar issues!

While testing , Our payment amount was less than 1 dollar. That was the issue

Thank You for your Reply. Our amount also shows as 0 in Stripe Logs and error: parameter_invalid_integer - amount.

Does this only happen in Test Mode? Were you able to figure out how to send the correct amount while testing?