Stripe Add On - “PaymentIntent status: is invalid."

Hey guys!

I am struggling to get past this issue that I have never seen before… We have built a simple form for vouchers on a clients website with single product with a drop down of options, all priced differently. Once the option is selected and the card details are entered & submitted the user is given an error code of “PaymentIntent status: is invalid."

We have implemented this style of form dozens of times on other sites and have never ran into this issue… I have also been onto stripe who is saying that the form is returning an amount of “0” for each option selected and that I should I reach out to Gravity. Has anyone got any insight into this issue to help us out? It would be greatly appreciated!

Hi David. I recommend opening a support ticket for an important payment issue such as this one:

Thank you.

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Same Problem here, were you ever able to figure this out?

For anyone having an issue with this, please open a support ticket:

Thank you.