Stripe Webhooks Interface Change? [RESOLVED]

I’m trying to follow the instructions for setting up a Stripe Endpoint. I go to Stripe: Sign in as instructed, click Add Endpoint but from this point on it no longer looks like the Gravity Forms documentation instead I get this (screenshot) Markup 2021-09-08 at 10.22.18.png - Droplr

It looks like this might work but there is no Receive All Events option. Am I in the wrong place?

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Hello, as far I know the Stripe interface change is not widely deployed yet, at least they’re showing me a notice that says it’s an “early access”: Screenshot o1Va5PhAay.png - Droplr

I can’t find any official announce from Stripe about it, so I guess that’s still the case, only selected customers are seeing the new interface. I can’t any documentation from Stripe explaining how to use the new interface either.

So at this point I would say your best bet is to contact with Stripe support for advice.

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Thanks Samuel!

I will see what I can learn from Stripe and post back if I think it will be helpful.

See the same thing on our Strip account as well.

Same here. No select all option. Manually have to select them all

I noticed the same thing - “Receive All Events” is gone.
So, question for the GF Pros: which events are actually needed?
Or perhaps the question is: Which are actually used by the GF Stripe Add-On?

The list of events the add-on processes can be found here: gform_stripe_webhook - Gravity Forms Documentation

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