New Stripe Connection

With the update to the Stripe add-on, it now requires the user to log in to Stripe in order to connect to Gravity Forms. While I think this is a better user experience, I only have developer access to all of our clients’ Stripe accounts and it appears the new connection only works for Stripe account owners/administrators. I never ran into this before because I just needed my developer account to get the API keys and set up the webhook. Since we have to update these connections, is it possible to do this with a Stripe developer role?


I’m afraid that is not currently possible. This is a Stripe limitation, not one from Gravity Forms. A Stripe account login with user role of “owner” or “administrator” is required. I wish it were different as well.

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Yeah, I encountered this with several of my clients, too. I understand the limitations of Stripe, but it’s super frustrating having to either (1) secure access to owner/admin role in Stripe or allow client GF setting access on the site. It’d be great for Stripe to find some work around for that, which would still be secure—maybe some way to grant developers a one-time authorization key or link for connecting the app.


I reached out to Stripe support and they acknowledged the issue. While they can’t do anything different right now, they did flag it as a concern for their dev team. It might be a while before the update is made so I’ll try to remember to post here when it does change.

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