Stripe webhooks: Stripe no longer allows select all events

I just updated a Stripe add-on plugin, and it needed me to reconnect with Stripe. I did this. Then it wanted the webhooks reissued. So I went to Stripe to do this. Number 5 of your instructions says, “Select ‘Send all event types’.” But Stripe no longer allows this. Instead it presents a dropdown with over a hundred options and we’re supposed to pick the ones we need.

They only allow picking event types one section at a time. I selected everything that sounded like it might be relevant, and I’m sure at least half of them are not. Stripe is now complaining because I selected 80 event types.

We need to know what event types Gravity Forms needs, and this needs to be added to the help text for the Stripe add-on plugin as soon as possible.


It’s not very intuitive, but Stripe does still allow for selecting all events. They present it in a different way now. You need to click this text. This tripped me up when I first encountered it, too.


We have updated the documentation and screenshot:

Can you see if that is less confusing now? Thank you.

Thank you, Chris. Can you explain why we want to receive all events? Stripe indicates that they don’t think it’s a good idea.


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You don’t technically need to receive all events but it’s just a lot easier than going in and manually selecting each event that Gravity Forms does need. We haven’t had any reports of performance issues by selecting all events but if you want a specific list of required events, drop us a line via support and we can generate it for you.