Stripe Add-on is broken. GF support tells me to take the issue up with Stripe!

I am an Elite subscriber and have been for several years.

I have a subscription form linked to Stripe. Out of the blue the form stopped completing - it hangs at the message

“This payment might require 3D Secure authentication, please wait while we communicate with Stripe”

after the customer has provided authentication through code sent by SMS or through internet banking app. Form will not complete, no confirmation message is generated, no notification emails are sent. Customer payment and subscription are registered with Stripe, customer receives an email receipt from Stripe.

GF Support provided instructions for troubleshooting, I made new forms, redid the Stripe connection and webhooks etc, deactivated all plugins and themes except GF plugins and still got this behaviour. I then imported the form to a vanilla WP installation on a different domain. Same result. Rebuilt a new form. Form still hangs when requesting 3D secure authentication. Clearly the Stripe Add-on is not working properly. This is GF support’s response:

"The following is a simplified description of the 3D Secure authentication process:

  1. The add-on asks Stripe to authorize the payment.
  2. Stripe responds that the payment failed the authorization process because it requires 3D Secure validation.
  3. So the add-on shows the 3D Secure validation warning message to inform the user.
  4. Now the processing of the 3D Secure validation is done by Stripe. They may require the user to follow additional steps to validate the payment or perform their own checks and automatically approve the 3D Secure validation. It’s up to Stripe in any case. Our add-on will just receive the result of the validation and proceed accordingly.

So after discarding third-party conflicts by using a default WordPress installation without other plugins and using a default theme. The next step would be to contact Stripe support for assistance with their 3D Secure handling of the payment, as all points to Stripe not providing the add-on the response about the result of the 3D Secure authentication process, therefore the submission is stuck waiting for the response from Stripe."

So GF Support is expecting me as a paying customer to take it up with Stripe myself. They aren’t offering to take it up with Stripe on my behalf - I’ve spent hours troubleshooting this already and have pretty much proved that the fault is not with my site or with my forms - the Stripe add-on is not working correctly. I’d have thought that Support would appreciate that I have brought this to their attention and would pick the matter up themselves and figure out with Stripe why their add-on is not working. I feel pretty pissed off that I have been paying $259 per year and in response to the first support ticket I raise, I am told to take it up with Stripe myself. This is really not good enough.

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Hi Alan!
I have the same problem! I have been testing the issue with the 3D Secure for days, but always the same result. The payment go to stripe, but on my website it stops at the 3D alert message and wordpress does not create the new subscriber!

The problem must be resolved between the developers of both applications. We are paying for a service that does not work and generates many problems with the end customer.

Hi Manuel

Gravity forms found a bug. They are fixing it and there’s a work around

"After checking your logs and doing further investigation of the issue I found there’s an edge case where having the “Enable additional payment methods” setting disabled (it’s enabled by default when you add the field), makes the form processing to fail when a Subscription feed is processed and Stripe required 3D Secure authentication. No issues for Products and Service feeds, and no issues for the Subscription feed if 3D Secure is not required.

I have reported this issue to the product team for further investigation and getting it fixed as soon as possible.

In the meantime, enabling the “Enable additional payment methods” setting in your Stripe card field will help to workaround the issue. "

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