Set traffic source form submission for crm

Hi, I maybe overlooked this but is it possible to add traffic source data as hidden field to a form so i can later exchange this with a CRM (par example Agile CRM) or Google analytics itself. (Traffic source: refereal/social-Facebook/social/Linkedin/ cpc-bing/cpc-Google etc)

I know I can set events and goals in Google analytics to see traffic sources of leads on an aggregated level but to follow the leads also offline I need to add the traffic source as field.

I wrote a post similar to what you are asking. It covers the hidden field passed through to a CRM. You would just have to figure out how to capture the source information to add into the hidden field.

Keesjan, I’ve developed a plugin for this, reach out to me and I’ll help you implement. It’s not a plugin that is out in the WordPress community.

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Hi, thank for the reply. For me the problem is not in sending hidden fields to a crm but to collect the source of the traffic.

I send you a DM

Did you send me the plugin? Also don’t know where to look for it… there is no ‘inbox’ isnt’ it?

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