Set traffic source form submission for crm

Hi, I maybe overlooked this but is it possible to add traffic source data as hidden field to a form so i can later exchange this with a CRM (par example Agile CRM) or Google analytics itself. (Traffic source: refereal/social-Facebook/social/Linkedin/ cpc-bing/cpc-Google etc)

I know I can set events and goals in Google analytics to see traffic sources of leads on an aggregated level but to follow the leads also offline I need to add the traffic source as field.

I wrote a post similar to what you are asking. It covers the hidden field passed through to a CRM. You would just have to figure out how to capture the source information to add into the hidden field.

Keesjan, I’ve developed a plugin for this, reach out to me and I’ll help you implement. It’s not a plugin that is out in the WordPress community.

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Hi, thank for the reply. For me the problem is not in sending hidden fields to a crm but to collect the source of the traffic.

I send you a DM

Did you send me the plugin? Also don’t know where to look for it… there is no ‘inbox’ isnt’ it?

Hey @user5da84ac592673520

I faced a similar problem for years. I know you can capture UTM variables with hidden fields, but that only worked for Paid Traffic. It didn’t capture traffic from all the other Channels like Organic Search, Organic Social, Referral, Direct, etc.

So I built this little tool called Once installed on your site, it looks at how people got to your site and then categorises the visit into Channels (I.e. Organic Search, Paid Search, Organic Social, etc). Then when someone completes a Gravity Forms form on your page, it writes the attribution information to hidden fields on the form, which then pass through to your CRM, email tool, billing system, etc.

With this in place, you can easily send attribution data to your CRM and run reports on where your leads, customers & revenue are coming from.

Let me know if you need any further help with it, but feel free to check out the website and signup for a free trial