How to view traffic source/user acquisition details in GF?


We use Gravity Forms on our website primarily as a way for potential clients to opt-in to something, contact us or complete another CTA. Does anyone know how we can capture details as to where each person came (referral, search engine etc) from before they submitted the form? Is there any way to include what pages were visited before the form was submitted? It would be really helpful if this kind of information was automatically captured and then we could include it in the email notification.


There used to be a plugin that captured all the pages that were visited on the site, but that plugin is long gone.

The page the form is submitted from is always recorded in the entry, and you can get the previous page using this method:

For anything more robust than that, I recommend this plugin:

Hey Nick

Did you ever find a solution to this?

This was a problem I ran into with all my clients (I run a marketing agency and use Gravity Forms for all my clients websites) so I ended up building a little tool to solve it.

It’s called and basically it looks at how people got to your site and then categorises the visit into Channels (I.e. Organic Search, Paid Search, Organic Social, etc). Then when someone completes a Gravity Forms form on your page, it writes the Channel information to hidden fields on the form. Finally, when the form is submitted the Channel information is submitted along with the lead’s other details (I.e. name, email, etc)

With this in place, you can easily:

  • See the Channel data on the Gravity Forms Entries page, or in Email Notifications.
  • Send Channel data to your CRM and run reports on where your leads, customers & revenue are coming from
  • Send Channel data to your email marketing tool and segment your emails and autoresponders based on campaigns, channels, etc.
  • Send Channel to the any payments provider integrated with your forms and run reports on where revenue is coming from

You can signup for a free trial at or I’m happy to answer any questions

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