Capturing Referral Source on Form Submission


I am looking for a way to capture the referral source data when a form is submitted. Ideally, I’d like to see if the person completing the form came from Google, Facebook, Google Ads, etc.

I see was one other question about this over a year ago on this thread - Acquisition Data/, Traffic Source/, Referral Source on Form Submission

Wondering if this feature has been added/will added shortly per the thread, or if there are any other workarounds. I looked at the Event Tracking for Gravity Forms plugin and do not believe it can accomplish this task.

Thank you.

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Hello. This has not been added to Gravity Forms. I’m not aware of an add-on, other than the Event Tracking add-on linked to in the other post. We do have plans on incorporating Google Analytics with Gravity Forms, but that has not yet been completed.


Thank you for the feedback. I am looking into the plugin to see if it helps. Just curious though, if you have heard of/seen any other solutions or workarounds?


I have not seen any plugins in a long time. There was one about eight years ago :roll_eyes: but that has long been abandoned. I don’t know of a good way to do this at this time. It’s surprising too, as independent developers generally fill a need when one is found, and this one has been asked for before.

Interesting. Surprised too that a solution has not been developed. Thanks for your help.

If I come across anything, I will update this topic.

Hey Chris

This was a problem I ran into with all my clients (I run a marketing agency and use Gravity Forms for all my clients websites) so I ended up building a little tool to solve it.

It’s called and basically it looks at how people got to your site and then categorises the visit into Channels (I.e. Organic Search, Paid Search, Organic Social, etc). Then when someone completes a Gravity Forms form on your page, it writes the attribution information to hidden fields on the form and the Channel information is submitted along with the lead’s other details (I.e. name, email, etc)

With this in place, you can easily:

  • See the Channel data on the Gravity Forms Entries page, or in Email Notifications.

  • Send Channel data to your CRM and run reports on where your leads, customers & revenue are coming from

  • Send Channel data to your email marketing tool and segment your emails and autoresponders based on campaigns, channels, etc.

  • Send Channel to the any payments provider integrated with your forms and run reports on where revenue is coming from

You can signup for a free trial at or I’m happy to answer any questions

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I’ll add myself to the list of people who think this needs to be added to Gravity Forms. Since forms are often used for lead generation, it sure would be great to be able to capture lead source and not be limited to grabbing from utm parameters since that goes away with the second pageview.

Aaron - looks like your product would work, but would love a lower price tier for small site that don’t need anywhere near 500 leads a month.

Capturing referral url

Is this not the solution?

Also Referer merge tag