Tracking form submissions from Google Ads users

Hi, all -

My website contact form is built with Gravity Forms, and I push those submissions to Salesforce via Zapier.

I use Google Analytics to track how many users who reach my website via my Google Ads complete my contact form. I do this by having my form submission confirmation webpage be a Goal in Google Analytics.

Problem is, I want to be able to see in Salesforce which new leads are from Google Ads traffic. Is there a hidden field or some code I can add to my form that will show that a submission came from a user who hit the site via a Google Ad?


Hey Adam

Did you ever find a solution to this?

This was a problem I ran into with all my clients (I run a marketing agency and use Gravity Forms for all my clients websites) so I ended up building a little tool to solve it.

It’s called and basically it looks at how people got to your site and then categorises the visit into Channels (I.e. Paid Search in your case). Then when someone completes a Gravity Forms form on your page, it writes the Channel information to hidden fields on the form. Finally, when the form is submitted the Channel information is submitted along with the lead’s other details (I.e. name, email, etc)

With this in place, you can easily:

  • Send Channel data to your CRM and run reports on where your leads, customers & revenue are coming from
  • See the Channel data on the Gravity Forms Entries page, or in Email Notifications.
  • Send Channel data to your email marketing tool and segment your emails and autoresponders based on campaigns, channels, etc.

You can signup for a free trial at or I’m happy to answer any questions

Aaron, thank you! This may be exactly what I need. I’ll check out the website and almost certainly sign up for the trial.