Get the form submission utm_source into Freshsales [RESOLVED]

Dear community, I’m new to this game so please excuse my noob question - we got GF set up to collect form submissions from a landing page. We bring people from organic / paid ads first to the main page, from here they can come to the sign up page via “sign up” button.

Is there any way to still grab the utm_source from everyone coming through the main page to the landing page and attaching this to the form so it can be passed on to the lead in Freshsales? Or how would you set this up in order to know the source people came from when they submit your form?

Any piece of information pushing me in the right direction here is highly appreciated :pray:t2:


Hi Dennis. You will need to populate a field in the form with the value from the utm_source parameter, so that it is stored in the entry and can be passed on to Freshsales at that point.

If the utm_source is a parameter in your URL, you can use this method to populate a field in the form: gform_field_value_$parameter_name - Gravity Forms Documentation

There is an example there for populating from a cookie as well.

If those methods do not work to capture the UTM parameters, you can try a plugin such as one of these:


Also paid:


If you need any other ideas, please let us know.

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Thanks Chris, that’s perfect!

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