Send administrative fields in email notification to site owner

We have a loan application form for a customer. 90% of the form needs to be filled out by their loan applicant. But they have a small subset of items that are used internally once the form is submitted to look at income/debt ratio, mark loan as approved, and add signatures.

Even though these fields are in the form itself as Administrative fields, and even though the notification is set to send {all_fields} in the email body, the Administrative fields do not get sent in email.

Yesterday when debugging this, I went into the notification settings for the email and manually added each of the Administrative fields to the email. The CEO submitted a test loan application. The fields STILL were not sent.

How can we send these fields reliably?


Fields set to Administrative visibility are not part of the form submission, they’re only available after submission for editing the entry. So for a notification to contain these fields, you would need to edit and save the entry from the admin, then use the Resend button in the entry details page to resend the notification.

If you need the fields to be part of the submission and therefore be included in the notification, you will want to change them to Hidden visibility instead.

The answer noted previously “{all_fields:empty}” works. It will send the administrative fields as part of the email notification.

This should be set as the preferred answer.

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