System-wide default for email FROM

By default, whenever a new notification for a form is created it defaults to sending emails TO and FROM {admin_email}. This can always be overridden with hooks, and individual forms and notifications can change it too, but it would be really nice to have two dedicated settings in General Settings that is Default Email Notification From/To and these fields can default to {admin_email} for backwards compatibility reasons.

I have a couple of use-cases for this.

The first is that someone at my agency is often the site’s admin, however with SPF/DKIM records and other various anti-spam technologies, sending FROM our emails will almost always fail. Although we can train clients, over time as client staff changes this information inevitably gets lost. Although we could also hard-code this with a hook, we still want to give clients the ability to change it. (And we could build an “if is the admin, user the override, otherwise use what they entered” hook but this just seems easier as a UI option.)

The second is that it is very rare (at least for sites that we create) for the site’s administrator to be the person who should receive notifications about forms. In almost all of our cases, the site’s administrator works at a different company or in a different department, and would never have a need to receive forms. Once again, it would be nice to have an option to differentiate the WordPress admin from the Form admin.

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Thank you for the request. I’ll make a note of it.