Allow "From Email" field to inherit site default (including from plugins for that purpose)

Set “From” email to “Site Default”. Currently, if we clear the from field it inserts a shortcode for the admin email. We use the excellent Post SMTP (and there are many others like it) plugin to send email through our SendGrid account, and set the “From” address for the WP site. However, Gravity Forms overrides this per-form. So it causes extra complexity and difficulties for us on setup and if we ever need to change the from address.

  1. We have to set a From address on every form, to ensure it comes from a SendGrid authorized domain.
  2. If we need to change the “from” email on a site, we should be able to just change it in the Post SMTP plugin and be good. But instead we have to change it on all Gravity Forms on the site as well.

It’s a big pain and hassle. Especially if we change sending services and have to update the address on 30 or 100 sites. Then we have to do 100 sites, plus 1-5 (on average) Gravity Forms on each of those sites. It just adds a lot of overhead. How about adding a shortcode for “site default” or if it’s left blank, just inherit the site default, rather than filling the admin email shortcode?

Thanks Tevya. Did you already submit this suggestion here?

Yes. I did. I wasn’t sure if one or the other was best. So I added it here as well. Since they don’t get added there immediately, I figured this might allow other people to add their support if they feel this pain as well. So I posted it here after submitting it there. Hope that’s okay.

That way is the best, but posting here is fine too. If you submitted it there, I won’t do it again! Perfectly fine, and thank you for being around!

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