Change email notification "From" email [RESOLVED]

All my forms, which go to different department heads, say the form is from the form submitter’s name but then my admin email address is tacked on in the from field.

The form is set up to be from the user’s email.

Where can I change this?

I’m not sure why it’s not working, but don’t do that. It can be a source of lost emails because your website is not authorised to send emails on others’ behalf.

Instead, have the email come From: your admin email address, and just use the Reply-to: field for the sender’s address (as you have).

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Thanks Ross. I use one email for all my admin accounts across multiple sites. So, I need to set up an email address for this form?

Your best bet is an email address on the same domain name as your website, but it very much depends on how you have things set up. They key point is that the website sending the emails out must be authorised to send email for the From: address you’re using, and that usually means an email address on the same domain as the website.

If your website admin emails are coming through OK (e.g. WordPress notifications like “we just updated you to WordPress 5.2.2” etc.) then you can safely use {admin_email} and Gravity Forms will pick up the site admin email address.

The important thing is that the server is authorised to send email from that address. When you use your customers’ email addresses as the From: address, you are impersonating them and that is likely to trigger spam filters.

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ahh. Got it. Thank you so much!

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