Problem with entering forms in Safari?

We have a site set up and running for the past several weeks. It has generally not had any issues, but we have had several people comment lately that they cannot submit a form when in Safari. They say the form just hangs after hitting Submit, and nothing happens. Other Safari users have told us they submitted forms without any problems, though.

It may be happening more with Safari on iPhone than desktop, but we are still looking into that.

Is this a known issue? Any suggestions from anyone?

Thanks very much!

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue if you have not already:

We have a very similar issue - I’ll open a support ticket now.

Same issue. was hoping to see a solution posted here but will open a support tix. If a solution is provided to us, will post it here for others.

Thank you Anne.

Was there a fix for this? I’m having an issue with iPhone users unable to buy through a GF+Stripe form

Hi Ed. I recommend opening a support ticket if you have not already:

Thank you.

This is crazy. Gravity Forms is going downhill the last year. Issues everywhere and support doesn’t put any answers in public. This will be my final year. WP Forms it is.

Hi Cam. If you are having any trouble with your forms, please open a support ticket here:

We’re happy to help.