Paypal Checkout Issues with Safari? [RESOLVED]

We have a client saying customers are getting to the PayPal button, click on it, and then it fails. She said it seems to be affecting Apple/Safari users since the latest Apple update.

I’ve tested on mobile Safari with iOS 17.3 and can’t seem to re-create – no updates due for Gravity Forms or alerts saying the set-up is wrong.

Has anyone seen any documentation or issues surrounding this?

Hi Steven. Be sure the page where the form is located is not cached. Clear any cache and disable caching, then see if your client’s customers still report issues.

If caching was not the cause if the issue, I recommend opening a support ticket and including your System Status report and a URL where we can test the form:

Thank you.

Hi all - updating here to share that it was a server issue. We recently migrated from GoDaddy to WPEngine servers. The below message is from our SYS Admin, maybe it will be helpful for others:

"The paypal issue is a security restriction by WPE. For some reason, when accessed from a mobile device, one of the HTTP headers is deemed unacceptable. The fix is to force the server to accept the requests. The behavior really shouldn’t depend on the browser, but somehow it did. "

Thank you for the update. I appreciate you sharing the results.