Need a developer asap to solve form display trouble


I have several forms (GravityForms) that display on my site with 2 methods :

1- Directly inserted in the page, such as here (you wont see the form on Safari, this is the problem).

2- Inserted on specific categories and pages, such as here (you won’t see the form, this is the problem).

Everything was working fine until 1st Januray, when I got an entry from one form. But on 2nd january, I noticed that :

1- the forms on wich the code is directly inserted don’t display on Safari, please check this one

2- The forms that should display with WP Insert won’t show up on Safari, Firefox and Chrome, please check this one :

3- The forms that should display with WP Insert show up ONLY if there is already a manually inserted code in the page, please check here : The first form you see has a manually inserted code, the second (down to the 1st paragraph) has a code inserted via WP Insert.

What I did to try to solve the problem :

  • I updated to Gravity Form

  • I turned off all plugins to check for conflicts, although I hadn’t made any change from 1st to 2nd january.

  • I opened a ticket with GravityForm support, they recommended to use the gravity_form_enqueue_scripts function in the theme header to include the scripts:

  • I found out that my site had been wrongly registered on, causing some restrictions via Ublock. I have registered on EasyList forum to solve this, I am waiting for their acceptance.

So the job is :

1- Find out why suddenly my forms stoped displaying.

2- Solve the problem asap.


For a quick fix: it looks like you’re using a tool to “optimise” the JavaScript on your website, and it’s most likely the culprit. Find that tool (e.g. a plugin) and stop it from optimising your script, and it will likely resolve the problem.

Thanks Ross, but I have deactivated all plugins one by one for the third time, with no improvement. And morover, I haven’t done any change from before it stoped working… It’s really a mystery…

Have you also tested with a different theme, and disabling any server-side caching?

I can fix your Gravity display issues.

Example of my Gravity forms work:


Thanks, the bug is fixed already.

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