Some of my forms won't show up in a page


It was mentioned to me that some of my forms (embedded into a page) won’t show up.
I use Gravity Forms 2.8.7, with automated updates ON.

Since 1 hour I’ve installed WordPress 6.5, however the issue manifested with WordPress 6.4

I’ve already stepped true the form, backend, but can’t find something rare


Have you attempted running a complete conflict test using the steps outlined on this documentation page: Testing for a Theme/Plugin Conflict?

Tank you for your fast reaction.

Not yet, a time consuming process in a production site.

However I’ve found out:

You can Embed forms in two ways"

Forms Experimental and (as I call it) “Normal Mode”

The difference is seen as follows and some of the forms presents in Experimental Mode and, some Not

Not Okay in Experimental Code

Okay in “Normal Mode”

Okay In Experimental mode and Okay In "Normal"Mode

Gravity Forms does not include an experimental mode. Do you have any Gravity Forms related add-ons installed?

I don’t have related add-ons.
I Use whatever Kadence let me pick


Please open a support ticket with the system report at:

The solution is:

You will want to use the From block only, never the experimental block.

In fact, you should remove the Form Experimental block option by disabling and deleting the following plugin:

Gutenberg: door rocketgenius

This plugin has not been supported for many years , and the block functionality has been moved to the core plugin, so it is unnecessary.

Once removed, you may need to go through your pages and readd the forms using the Form block.

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