Form is not showing on a page

I use 3 different forms on my site; however 2 have suddenly stopped showing. The 3rd shows and works just fine. One of the 2 is using conditional logic; however, the 2nd missing form is not. The form code appears in the source code on the 2 pages but is just not visible on screen. The forms are active and are not using a schedule. I tried putting the working form on one of the pages where the form isn’t showing and the working form showed up with no problem. I would think plugin or theme conflict if all the forms weren’t working, but this is only 2 of 3. I’m at a loss here - any ideas what’s going on? Thanks in advance.

I could be wrong but it sounds like some kind of caching/minification/async issues.

Did you recently add any plugins or modify any settings that would have added any of these options? WpRocket, Async Javascript?

If you have, you may want to toggle off or on some of the options you changed and clear your page cache.

Thanks Dere - I appreciate the suggestion. Nothing new has been added in a year. I did try disabling WP Cache but that didn’t make a difference.

Hi @jbabbey - I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue, as it is likely a plugin or theme conflict:

The form is most likely being hidden by an inline style of “display:none”. If your form uses conditional logic, it will have an inline style of display:none applied before Gravity Forms can determine which portions of the form to show. If your page has any JavaScript errors, they can prevent the Gravity Forms scripts from running, and when those scripts can’t run the inline display:none style can’t be removed.

Please begin troubleshooting by checking for theme and plugins conflicts. You can use the troubleshooting mode provided by the WordPress team official Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin. It will allow you to perform the test by disabling things for you as logged in administrator and will not affect your website visitors. Please check the following documentation page for detailed instructions: