Galaxy Form sometimes doesn't show up in wordpress site

I am not a developer, but I need to hire one. I need some help. My site is all setup, and working… sometimes. Some people see the form, and others don’t see it. Also, for those who see my form (it is a multistep form with conditional logic) some people see ALL the fields, not just the ones they are supposed to see based on the conditions. I am hoping someone who knows how to fix this kind of problem can contact me at The Site is

I think I’ve found the form via a Google search. It doesn’t seem to be linked to from the front page of your site. Looking at the console, it appears that this may be an issues with your theme, which is continuously failing to include a script at…

Is there maybe a lightbox module in your child theme that could be disabled somehow, to see if things resolve?


Good detective work @uamv!

It’s definitely a JavaScript error that is causing the issue. Because the form uses conditional logic, it is hidden by Gravity Forms until Gravity Forms determines which sections to show based on your rules. Any JavaScript error on the page can prevent the Gravity Forms scripts from running, which is why the whole form remains hidden. When it’s hidden, the form wrapper div will have an inline CSS class of “display:none” that cannot be removed by Gravity Forms.

@uamv pointed you to the most likely cause of the conflict, but if that turns out not to be the culprit, you can use these steps to check for all theme and plugin conflicts:


Hi Joshua, Thanks for your message. Can you email me at I would like to disuss having you fix this for me.


Thank you Joshua.