Forms suddenly not visible on page

I have a few forms that I use in my Wordpress site. For some reason, today, 2 of them are no longer visible on their pages, even though I have made no changes (I have also not installed an update). The strange thing is that most of my other forms are visible. The only difference I can see is that the 2 not showing use the Gravity Forms PayPal Standard Add-On

Any advice on what might happened, or have I can investigate it?

An inline style of display:none applied to forms that use conditional logic. If your page has any JavaScript issues they can prevent the Gravity Forms scripts from running, and when those scripts can’t run the inline display:none style can’t be removed.

Have you tried running through a conflict test:

You are completely right. I followed your suggested steps and I have found that when I switch to a “Twenty” theme - from my normal theme, Imbalance 2 (from WPShower) - my forms reappear. And yes, it is to do with conditional logic.

What I do not know is what to do next. The theme had not been updated, so I don’t know why it suddenly stopped working. I suspect it has to do with a plugin called JQuery Updater which updated to jQuery 3.6.2.

I appreciate any suggestion on what to do next. Here’s a link to a page that should have a form:

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