Paypal Pro requirements for onsite recurring payments

Hi, we’re trying to take recurring payments onsite with PayPal pro plugin.

It works with standard PayPal where the user will be sent to PayPal to set up a regular payment but we want to create it onsite using the PayPal pro plugin (taking card details). It works in sandbox but we get an error 1000 from PayPal in live mode.

We think our PayPal account is restricted to not allow recurring payments on site. However, we have no idea what’s required for this to work. We’ve been in touch with PayPal but they are no help at all and got nowhere with them.

I guess I’m asking if anyone knows what’s required within our PayPal account in order for us to take recurring payments on site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Can you share the actual 1000 error code with either the text or a screenshot?

Sure thing. I’ve uploaded the error 1000 code is shown in the source. Is there any other way of seeing a more detailed error?


This is the description of the error code from PayPal:

Generic host error. This is a generic message returned by your credit card processor. The RESPMSG will contain more information describing the error.

To capture more information, including the RESPMSG, please enable logging for Gravity Forms Core and the PayPal add-ons. Then test the form again. The PayPal Payments Pro log will contain the RESPMSG which will help narrow this down.

Here is information on enabling logging:

Awesome, thanks that’ helped a lot.

I managed to get a log and got the following.

Generic processor error: 11586-DPRP is disabled for this merchant.

I’m going to contact PayPal now but do you know what exactly I need to be activated by them to get this to work?



That’s DirectPayment Recurring Payments. I recommend contacting PayPal to let them know of the error message. They can enable that for you or instruct you how to enable that in your account. Thank you.