PayPal Standard Add-On Features

I’m creating this in follow up to the PayPal Sandbox Testing Guide I just posted here.

I believe these changes would help:

  • I am not sure if this is true but it seems that PayPal calls the modes either Live or Sandbox, and using Production and Test is slightly misleading. Consider renaming these.
  • Provide a Sandbox PayPal Email Address AND a Live PayPal Email Address. The email address to be paid would be automatically chosen by the Mode selected.
  • Alternatively or additionally, allow the PayPal Feeds to be Duplicated.
  • Provide some documentation and help for directing users to the Developer site to create a Sandbox Business Account and Personal Account.
  • User needs to enable IPN for BOTH the Live Account and Sandbox Account.
  • When in Sandbox Mode, some sort of notice that when submitting a form, the tester needs to log in to the Sandbox Personal Account.

Hi @muzicman82 - I recommend submitting these suggestions to Gravity Forms directly, or adding the suggestions yourself, here:

Thank you for your comments.

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