PayPal Standard and Pending payment [RESOLVED]

Hi, I have Gravity form setup with Paypal Standard and User registration Addon. Basically, it will create the user account once the payment is approved.

However, in Sandbox, after the the payment, it says this in the entry “Reason: The payment is pending because it was made to an email address that is not yet registered or confirmed.” Because of this, the user account can’t be created unless I manually change it to “Paid” from the entry page.

I check my sandbox account, I can’t see any option to confirm the sandbox generated email?

Have anyone experienced this issue before?


Hi Kevin. I recommend contacting PayPal support with this question. It sound like you are using the wrong PayPal sandbox seller email address. But PayPal should be able to tell you for sure.

I agree with Chris suggestion that it sounds like configuration issue.

On the off chance it is more to do with a race condition for when the different feeds are attempting execution, Gravity Flow fully supports the add-ons you are working with that could setup a sequential path for them to follow through a workflow. That can be helpful if you want to have an approval/validation step prior to processing payment and user account creation. Or use how the different feed steps respond to create conditional workflow branches to provide staff a way to easily identify which entries had failures and get them back into correct processed status.


Thanks for the response.

I switched to production and it worked. Something it’s wrong with the sandbox, so confusing.

Anyway, thanks for the advise, gf works perfectly in this setup.

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