Payment Pending (PayPal Checkout Add On)


I’m experiencing an issue with a single payment whose status remains “pending.” We are using the Paypal Checkout Addon. The payment details for this specific form entry shows the amount, the payment status “pending” and the transaction ID. The transaction also does not appear in our PayPal account, however an entry was created when the form was submitted by user. Payment was made with a credit card.

Does anyone know any possible ways to resolve this payment issue? Could it possibly be a setting on the user side?

Thank you!

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I’ve just opened a support ticket with a similar issue where payments are stuck as pending despite PayPal confirming the payment as successful to both myself, as the customer, and to the site owner. However in my case the payment does appear in both mine and my clients PayPal accounts.

Will update here when I learn more!

Any update? I’m also seeing pending payments recently. I contacted PayPal yesterday about one and they told me this: “upon checking this payment showing as Denied and not pending. It is possible that from the senders end it got denied.” If the payment was denied that response should be making its way back to Gravity Forms and have that status reflected on the Entry.

Same problem, but not on every registration. Email notifications are sent. Payment is pending (according to Gravity Forms). Nothing shows up in PayPal.

Hello, we are seeing a similar issue with our Paypal checkout. Were you able to resolve this issue? Our client’s customers are requesting receipts after payment which they never received from PayPal (they used to with PayPal standard AFTER payment). TIA for any insight.

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