Cannot Confirm Email (GF Paypal Check-Out Add-On | Sandbox Mode) [RESOLVED]

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We have successfully confirmed our email with Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Add-On (Live Mode) and we appear to be connected to PayPal. That is, our dashboard shows: “Email Confirmed: Yes

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However, when we switch to Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Add-On (Sandbox Mode), our backend dashboard says “Email Confirmed: No”.

We also get a persistent alert at the top of our screen saying Paypal has sent us a confirmation email. Unfortunately, we are not receiving that confirmation email.

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(1) Does the Gravity Forms Paypal Checkout Add-On contain a bug related to this?

(2) Is the dashboard display "Email Confirmed: No" because Sandbox Mode utilizes a dummy email address?

Is this normal? Anyone experienced this? Got fix?

Thank you!


It appears this issue can be solved as follows:

Option 1:

Contact Paypal. Provide your Paypal account email and your associated Sandbox Merchant ID. They will validate your email in the background.

Option 2:

Login into and follow this path to validate your Sandbox email address:

Profile Settings > Login and security > Email > Click on “Update” > Click on “Edit” > Click on “Confirm this email”

We tried Option 2 but never received a confirmation email from Paypal, so there’s definitely something wrong with Paypal.

Based on the above, we plan to use Option 1 to solve our issue (PayPal is closed as of this writing. We’ll call or text them when they open).

Hope this helps someone out there.


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We spoke with a PayPal Technician (Shawn) who works in the “Integration Department.”

He stated that there IS NO NEED to confirm the Sandbox account holder’s (live) email. Sandbox will work without confirming the live email.

The catch is …

When testing your website using PayPal in Sandbox mode, DO NOT use a live email to make a payment. Use instead the Sandbox (test) emails assigned to your account. The test emails can be found as follows:

(1) Log into your Sandbox account at Log in to your PayPal account

(2) Click on “Developer” at the top of the screen.

(3) Click on your username at the top-right section of the screen and select “My Account.” You may have to login again.

(4) On the next screen (left side), click on Sandbox “Accounts”

(5) After you click on Sandbox “Accounts”, a list of your Sandbox test emails will be displayed.

(6) Next to each test email, under “Manage Accounts”, click on the three dots, then “View/Edit Account” for the information you need for testing.

That’s it! Hope we didn’t confused anybody.

To ensure no time is wasted in the future on this icky issue, Shawn (PayPal Technician) agreed to submit a Sandbox website change request to accomplish what you see below (or similar). Let’s hope it happens :slight_smile:


Happy Testing!


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