Paypal Checkout - Never fails in sandbox

I replaced with the new paypal checkout but can’t seem to get the form to ever fail using the credit card payment type. The payments do not post to the Sanbox account so I’m assuming they are actually failing but no response is displaying in the form it just continues to the confirmation /thank you page (normal GF confirmation process).

I tried enabling negative testing in PayPal with the sandbox account I’m using with GF and sending some of the CVVs they suggested 123 120 but still everything seems successful I can’t seem to get an invalid credit card response.

Any help or ideas troubleshooting would be great!

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue due to the sensitive issue around payments:

Thank you.

I tried support but they just said PayPal was sending back an authorized capture (success) and to take up the issue with them.

I’m posting back to see if anyone has any suggestions on how to test an invalid credit card in sandbox mode with the new Paypal Checkout Addon in Paypal sandbox mode. Even if someone could confirm it works (they get an invalid) for them that would be very helpful for me.

I’m going to contact PayPal as suggested but it feels like I’m missing something basic.

After several days of PayPal incompetence they’ve responded with:

negative testing CVV values is currently not supported with our REST API’s.

You can only conduct general negative testing with our REST API’s to simulate the API response you would receive in such a scenario, which would include adding specific headers within your API requests :

Example : ‘PayPal-Mock-Response: {“mock_application_codes”: “DUPLICATE_INVOICE_ID”}’

This testing method is detailed here : Simulate negative responses with request headers

The complete list of Orders v2 error codes can be found here : Orders v2 errors

So I ask again. How can one simply test an order failure using Gravity forms in Paypal Sandbox mode?

I won’t have access to the header information sent out through gravity forms like the article suggests. I guess I will give up and use a live PayPal account. This baffles my mind that nobody wants to test an invalid card response from Paypal.

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