Paypal Checkout (formerly Paypal Commerce Platform) authorization process

This is one of the issues that seems to be really unique to Gravity Forms, and it’s also the reason why I wouldn’t recommend to purchase/use GF in the first place. It’s a really big deal.

I, as probably many people, love the newer Paypal Checkout (formerly known as Paypal Commerce Platform). The big benefits of it are that users aren’t send to a Paypal page anymore (payment processing happens on your own site), and that users can pay by credit card without having or creating a Paypal account.

Now here’s the issue. It seems like only Gravity Forms uses a Paypal API to “connect” your website to your Paypal business account when you try to activate the GF Paypal Checkout plugin. This API supports only a handful countries of Paypal accounts. In my specific case both Germany and Mexico (where I create most websites for) are NOT supported, which means I can’t get the plugin to connect to the Paypal account, and therefore I can’t use the Paypal Checkout at all.

Every other than Gravity Forms plugin I use for payment processing on several websites uses a different authorization method where you can just copy/paste some API keys, and the payment processing works without any problems for ANY country.
Just one example how they do it: PayPal Integration – WP Booking System . Here’s another one: .

There are other form builders offering the same method. ONLY GF doesn’t. And that’s the reason why you can’t use the GF Paypal Checkout when your Paypal account is not located in one of the few API supported countries. You basically have to get another form plugin for that.

That’s a shame, really. Why is nobody at GF paying attention to this? I’ve mentioned this almost a year ago already.

Does anybody have a workaround how to make Gravity Forms Paypal Checkout work with just the API keys as described in the examples given?

Hi Andre. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the community. Have you submitted them to Gravity Forms as well? I recommend sharing that via the contact form, so the appropriate people can have a look:

Thank you.

Hi Chris, yes I’ve mentioned this to their support a about year ago. They pointed out that the API is provided by Paypal so they can’t do anything about. It was mostly to just get rid of a customer. Their support isn’t anymore what it used to be anyway. Support is much better here in the community.

But I’ll try it again. It’s quite ridiculous how less they care about their own product.

Hi Andre. They and we are the same. I work in Gravity Forms support.

I recommend adding this to our product roadmap, to check into updating the API being used by the plugin. Click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.

Thanks, I’ve just done this, too. Not sure what more one can do.

To put in perspective what I said about the GF support, I’ve contacted the support as suggested, about 5 days ago, and still haven’t heard back from them.

That’s really top level ignorance.

Thank you Andre. The ticket is with the product manager.