PayPal Checkout - different PayPal Account on different forms?

PayPal Checkout is a global connection that applies to all forms on a given Gravity Forms/WordPress installation.

I’d like to be able to have a global configuration AND the ability to have a specific form be able to override with their own connection to a different PayPal account. Is that possible?

I want to serve multiple customers using the same domain.

great question. ive been looking to find a similiar solution. I’ve not found one yet.

@ Jean-Pierre Fallou The only thing I can come up with is to spin up a new WordPress instance on a subdomain for each customer. What a maintenance headache and a limitation on sharing dev work across customers!

wow. i know they had it in other releases as is evident from this website. you use to be able to put your paypal email address in the feed.

And, for bonus points … it would be great if we could allow our customers to establish their PayPal links and authorizations without giving them full admin access to our site. So each form using PayPal Checkout would have a private URL or methodology for them to authorize.

Using a different PayPal Checkout account per form is not currently possible. You can suggest to our product team this and any other feature you wish using the (+) button at the bottom of our roadmap page: Gravity Forms Roadmap - Gravity Forms

That way your request will reach the product team directly and they will be able to consider your request and queue it in the workflow of a future version if it’s accepted.