PayPal personal account with gravity forms

Hi, everyone.
I wanted to receive payments using a form on my website through my personal PayPal account. I already have basic Gravity forms licence, and before I upgrade to pro to be able to integrate PayPal, I just wanted to know if I can use personal PayPal on the form. I ask this question because some say this integration would work only with PayPal business account.
Thanks in advance

You can use the PayPal Standard Add-On with a PayPal personal account. The PayPal Standard Add-On redirects your customer to to complete the transaction - their credit card or PayPal information are not entered on your site.

This is the add-on that will work with a personal PayPal account:

If you have any doubt about this, I recommend testing the PayPal Standard Add-On in our free demo site: You can use the following link to spin up a demo site where you can test Gravity Forms and all the official add-ons for several days:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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