Does PayPal Checkout not use API? [RESOLVED]

Hi all, I’m new to Gravity Forms. Is it possible to use PayPal API with Gravity Forms? I’ve used PayPal Express. Despite its limitations, PayPal Express allowed me to use PayPal API to connect the website to PayPal. With PayPal Checkout, I had to use client’s PayPal email and password–somehow that doesn’t seem right. Any insights or tips?

Hello Yumei. None of our add-ons integrate with the PayPal Express API. You can integrate with the PayPal Express API using your own custom code, or build an add-on using our GFPaymentAddon framework:

Thanks for the response! Follow up question: As it stands, PayPal Checkout connects a Gravity Form with (my) PayPal credentials. Now, I don’t expect Gravity Forms to create an add-on that is not safe, but not being that familiar with the process, I am concerned this might expose the credentials. So to ask a clumsy question: Is it a secure practice?

Just saw your response in the Forum. Thanks for the response! I actually am not looking to use PayPal Express–I am more comfortable with using API to connect PayPal than directly using my client’s PayPal credentials. On top of it, when I typed in the credentials, PayPal prompted me to “modify the existing account”, so that scared me.

PayPal Checkout uses OAuth so it never has access to your PayPal account email or password. You login via a PayPal hosted page to authorize the connection and on completion PayPal issues the add-on with an access token which allows it to interact with their API.

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Thank you for the explanation! That makes perfect sense.