Gravity Forms Issue with Paypal

Gravity Forms Issue with Paypal

Wordpress 6.2.2
Gravity Forms 2.7.9
Gravity Forms PayPal Standard Add-On 3.5
Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Add-On 2.6.0

I’m trying to get the “Credit Card field” setup to avoid having
people signup/into paypal. The documenation on this is very thin and
nothing on paypal at all about gravity forms.

So according to paypal i need to use API credentials: API Key and Secret.
I see in the paypal field where to select Supported Payment Method as “Credit Card”
however i don’t see any place to inter the API credentials.

I found this doc

which doesn’t seeem to have been udpated since March 2020 and doesn’t really provide any help as some of the setup must be done in gravity forms and not just asking paypal to enable this feature on their side.

The PayPal Checkout Add-On does not use an API key. When you connect your site to your PayPal account, all the details are handled behind the scenes. There is no place to enter an API key.

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue so we can help you with the configuration:

I’m not able to open a support ticket as i am an IT volunteer trying to set this up for a very small non-profit. I’m trying to use this feature so it looks like a stripe payment and people don’t have the paypal loging pop up.

Are you already connected to PayPal on this page of your dashboard:

Forms → Settings → PayPal Checkout

Please post a screenshot of that page showing your connection status. Thank you.

Thanks Chris, your question had me look and I discovered I had feeds configured for both “PayPal” and “PayPal Checkout”. i disabled the feed for “Paypal” and it is now working as advertised. now i don’t have to switch to stripe.

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