PayPal & Licensing Questions

Hi all,

We are an AV company. We are considering adding online payments via PayPal to our website, linked to a form used to collect info for equipment repair. Prices may vary depending on form selections. I have a few questions.

I have a Gravity Forms Developer License. I can’t seem to find on the site anymore, what exactly that included. I am guessing it had the PayPal Standard add-on?

What are the differences between the PayPal Standard and Pro add-ons? Are there sandbox examples of both experiences?

Do I need to or should I enable user registration for customers to access previous activity?

Do I need an SSL certificate for both?


We stopped selling the Developer license about a year ago. But you can still use your Developer License. Just be sure you renew it annually to keep it valid.

The Developer license has access to all our add-ons as shown here

You could have been using either PayPal add-on. PayPal Standard redirects the user to the website to collect payment. The PayPal Pro add-on requires a paid PayPal account and processes the credit card on your website. The customer does not even know PayPal is processing their credit card.

Yes, you’ll need an SSL certificate for either add-on. The SSL requirement for PayPal Standard is a new requirement from PayPal; the PayPal Pro add-on always required an SSL certificate. Let us know if you have any other questions.

i forgot to answer this question. If they are your customers I would always recommend registering them on your site. However, that won’t enable them to view their previous entries. I recommend this plugin for that:

Thanks! So with the PRO method, can customers still pay with PayPal and their own PayPal account? Are the transaction fees the same?

With the PayPal Payments Pro add-on, users do not have the option to pay with their PayPal account. It’s strictly a credit card transaction on your site. The fees are 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction, I think, but it’s worth checking with PayPal to verify that information in your own account.

If you want to offer your users a choice between PayPal and Credit Card, you can use both add-ons at the same time. Please see the following article: