Payment Processing using pxpay issues [RESOLVED]


Firstly, great to see the forums back, so much helpful information was to be had on the old one.

Our issue is the following: We have a site running Gravity Forms 2.4.8 on PHP 5.6.23 and we are using pxpay via the wondeful Gravity Forms DPS PxPay to process Credit Cards

Everything was working perfectly for months until recently where the payments are coming back with ‘processing’ but there are no errors at pxpay, however the users cant make payments and the form page says ‘payment already submitted and processed’

By the looks of it, things stopped working nicely after we updated from to 2.4.8, however this could be a coincidence and it could be all server related.

So our question is, do the following issues appearing in the System Status
"Version Recommended: PHP 7.1 or higher."
and “Background tasks No cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 2000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received” look like what could be causing payment issues/timeouts?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

G’day @KrazyTimes,

GF DPS PxPay works with GF 2.4.8, and your second error there indicates a problem with cURL connections outbound from the website, so it’s likely a server configuration problem. I recommend that you enable logging in Gravity Forms, and enable logging for the DPS PxPay add-on. It might help identify what is going on.

Once you’ve got that set up, try making a payment and see whether it even gets to the PxPay page on the Payment Express website. If it doesn’t, that means it can’t set up the payment via cURL.

Check the logs for the PxPay add-on, and see what it says.



Hi @webaware,
Thanks for the advice, and logging is now enabled.
Hopefully the server admins can get to the bottom of it.

Hi @webaware,
Thanks to your advice, we just wanted to share the update and say it looks like it was related to the cURL issue. The following link also had some great advice to help problem solve.

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Awesome, glad it’s resolved!