Manually update payment status with PxPay (or other payments) [RESOLVED]

Hi @webaware and all,

We had a server issue before which was not allowing payment via the wonderful Gravity Forms DPS which is now resolved thanks to @webawares insight , however we have a few of those submissions with failed payment that are showing “Payment Processing” in th Gravity Forms backend, and we are wondering if there is an easy way to change this to “Paid” after we accept a manual payment?

Also, as a follow up, is there an easy method for other payment forms such as Stripe/PayPal if the same thing happens where payment doesnt come through but the form is submitted?

Visit the entry and click the Edit button in the Entry metabox. You can then change the payment status from Pending to Paid.

Probably also a good idea to add a note to the entry, with the transaction details. I don’t (currently) have it accepting those details on the edit function, but adding a note will allow you to record them.


@webaware Ross, you are a legend, I do not know how i missed that button.
thank you again!

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