Unable to add paypal payments pro feed [RESOLVED]

hi there - i am following the instructions here:

and got stuck on adding a feed. i do not have an Add New link or button.

Create a Feed
4. Click Add New to create a new feed. You will be presented with the PayPal Payments Pro feed settings screen.

please see the attached screen shots.

please help!

Hi Sheri. I was not able to view the images (I requested permission.) This is a good case for a Priority Support ticket:


Be sure the pictures are accessible to anyone with the link, so support can view them. Thank you.

ugh, so sorry about that. try the links now. i changed the permissions.

Hi Sheri. The issue is that your connection details are not correct on this page (notice the red X’s):

There can be a couple reasons for that. Most common is that you are using the wrong PayPal Pro add-on. If you contact support, they can give you some troubleshooting information or provide the older plugin if that’s what you need for your PayPal account.

should i be using the sandbox credentials or the live credentials?

i believe i am using the new add-on, and i also just created the payments pro account with paypal, meaning it is not legacy.

Gravity Forms PayPal Payments Pro Add-On

Integrates Gravity Forms with PayPal Payments Pro, enabling end users to purchase goods and services through Gravity Forms.

Version 2.5 By [Gravity Forms]

That should be the correct add-on in that case. I recommend contacting support for assistance:

thank you!

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i figured it out. you were right, i had the wrong credentials in there. thanks again!

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