Ordering lunch formulas without using Woocommerce (quantity field + product field in dropdown list with several option fields)

Hello everybody,

I am currently working on a click’n’collect form for a tea room offering different lunch formulas.

The user can choose a single dish or a starter + a dish or a dish + a dessert or a starter + a dish + a dessert.

Several choices are possible. For examplen if the user wants to choose between a chocolate cake or a honey yoghurt when ordering its formula, he can do so.

For the moment, I mainly used the Product field in the form with the dropdown list allowing the user to select either of the formulas. Then, Option fields allow the user to specify what they want as a dish or dessert when there are multiple choices.

Problem: this system no longer seems to work when the user wants to order several formulas. I tried adding an option field before the formula selection to ask the user “how many lunch formulas would you like to order?” before allowing the user to choose their formula. I then duplicated the “Product” field into “Product 2”, “Product 3” and used conditional logic between these fields. Unfortunately nothing works.

If my order system worked well for a single formula order with Stripe, as soon as I add the notion of quantity with the Option field, it doesn’t seem to work at all with a dropdown Product field.

There might be a better way to do it, but I still don’t know how to do without using Woocommerce :-/

Thank you in advance for your help!


have you tried the repeater field or function so it will allow you to or the customer to add more items on the list and have the total amount also provided on the form?


Hi Ericson,

Thanks for your answer. I don’t really know how to use this repeater function. The user does not enter any data manually for his/her choices. Everything is pre-packaged thanks to the drop-down list: the user chooses between a single dish, a starter + a dish, a dish + a dessert or a starter, a dish and a dessert.

When he selects, for example, the dish + dessert formula, he has the choice to select from an existing choice of dishes and desserts using radio buttons (I put those choices into Option fields and used conditional logic) As I said before, this system works very well when you don’t care about the notion of quantity: a formula purchased is equal to an order on the site. The problem is when you imagine that the customer wants to buy several different formulas. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble doing that.