Client wants 5 different product items to be revealed from a single drop-down [RESOLVED]

The form we’ve created displays five different collateral items.

Each of the five collateral items has choices, from two up to six. In each of the product items, a user can select 1, 2, or all within that product type.

No price will be shown on any item.

Now the client asked if the products could be selected from a dropdown containing all five collateral types.

I’m thinking conditional logic might be something worth looking into.

The user chooses item B and is shown the selections available for item B.
(if B is selected, show B)

I’ll always be first to admit that I don’t know what I don’t know, but that solution I think would solve the initial “I want a dropdown” request.

But if the user subsequently wanted something from Item D, and the conditional for D is chosen, the D item choices will be shown, but at the closing/hiding of Item B, correct?

And if that field is hidden, that selection would not be sent via notification, yes?

I’m thinking perhaps, instead of a drop-down, a multi-select field might be the better solution.

Conditionals could still be in play, and each of the 1 through 5 products could be shown when their respective checkboxes are ticked.

I’m open to any suggestions at this point. Our studio has an account with both Gravity Wiz (perks) and Jetsloth, if any items from either could help.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


I jumped in this morning to call off the dogs, as I was able to build out a solution with the use of the Advance Select plugin (Perk) from GravityWiz.

Once found, it was exactly what I needed to cobble together the solution, and thankfully, the client loves it as well.

Thanks to all those who read. I hope this might help someone else facing a similar predicament.

Cheers from 12 West,



Hi Michael,

Thanks for the update and glad our GP Advanced Select Perk worked for you. If you require any further assistance, you can contact us via our support form, so we can assist you.


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