Display message IF dropdown option is selected [RESOLVED]

We have a vendor application form that contains the following types of vendors:
Non-Profit, Arts/Crafts, Commercial and Food

What would be a good solution to let food vendors know that we are not accepting any more food vendor applications at this time?

I’ve removed the Food option off, but vendors are selecting commercial and submitting.
I’d like to maybe enable condition logic, and if they choose the food vendor option, then display a message that “we are no longer accepting food vendor applications a this time” or something similar.


Yep, seems very straight forward, unless I’m missing some detail.

You just want to use standard GF Conditional logic to show/hide an HTML field with your notice.
"Show this field if your Dropdown is ‘Commercial and food’.

Yes, the HTML content works. Maybe I was over thinking this. I also enabled condition logic on the submit button, hiding it if the food option is selected. Thanks!